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We train PGA Professionals and their staff to maximise their clients results through an approach we call ‘Performance Fitting’.

Our approach flips the traditional focus of using the Custom Fit service to ‘close sales’, on its head. Your clients come to you for better golf – not to buy clubs. To ensure your clients get the best results possible you need to focus on ‘performance’ first, not sales.

Our approach measures its success using the following 6 R’s:

When you improve the first 5 ‘R’s you will reap the rewards in revenues in terms of average sales and margin.

People pay for Results.



Webinar, live and recorded training options


Our bootcamps are in large group format & interactive.


Our workshops are smaller groups and bespoke.


Work with Rhys in live fittings.

on-site training

We work with you at your facility

staff training

Coaches, Fitters and Shop Team training

Rhys has an exceptional knowledge of golf and golf equipment. He very quickly can assess what will improve your game and then can design the perfect set of clubs to suit your needs. Bought a set of PXG’s that he fitted AND built – absolutely love them!

Mitesh Desai – Hcp 6 
Mitesh Desai – Hcp 6

Rhys was a big help for me when we built my clubs to fit my game but also the course we were playing that specific week. Equipment is very important and Rhys knows it all”

Alex Noren (SWE) – 8 x European Tour Winner including 4 events in 2016 and become the 9th best player in the world in the same year

Alex Noren 
Alex Noren

Rhys is one of the most detailed, organized & driven people I know. While that’s easy to say, anyone who has worked with him will tell you exactly the same thing. We partnered up to lay the foundation for a new way of engaging consumers & partners in Callaways custom fitting experiences. I left before the project was complete – but without Rhys’ partnership and feedback there’s no way we would have made half the progress we did. In short, Rhys is the kind of professional you want to do business with, seek advice from, or work for/with.

Alex Napier Enterprise Sales Manager – New Relic Inc
Alex Napier

Rhys worked directly for me when I was a Director for Callaway Golf. Rhys is incredibly dedicated in everything he does. If you ask the golf pros who grew up playing with Rhys, they will all tell you that he was the first person on the practice range in the morning and the last to leave it at night. So it’s no surprise that he goes about his work in exactly the same way. Combine this superb work ethic with what must be one of the deepest understandings of modern golf technology in the UK and you get quite a combination. Anyone looking to lower their handicap, or to make sure that they are getting the most help from their equipment should get in touch with Rhys. Nobody will work harder for you.

Jeff Dodds Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media
Jeff Dodds