Our Partners are very important to us. They are integral to our ‘Performance Fitting’ approach and provide the tools and services required to make an impact for our clients results.

I’ve worked extensively with all the launch monitors & I can advise which system is best for you based on your circumstances and environment. I personally use a TrackMan 4 for the service, reliability, link to swing video & most importantly the accuracy.

!my-pro is an interactive platform for PGA Members that centralises all aspects of your client services including coaching, club analysis and custom fitting. As one user said  ‘It’s the easy way to go the extra mile”

Its also absolutely free – no strings attached.  

Click the link to watch the videos on how it works & see what you think.  You’ve got nothing to lose. 

Mitchell make the best loft & lie machines I’ve ever tested and like all the equipment I use it must be reliable, accurate and help me provide a better service for my clients.  Click here to visit their website and if you’d like any advice on which equipment to get just give us a call.

Golf Mechanix are another of our workshop equipment suppliers we highly recommend. In particular we use swing weight, frequency analysers, grip stations, shaft cutters and sanding belts from Golf Mechanix and have been really pleased with the performance & reliability.

Steve Joy has has helped me with Performance Centre installs in St Andrews and Gothenburg. He can help you with all aspects of setting your studio up and is a great source of advice and experience for you when considering your own custom fit experience. Click the logo to fill in your requirements form and get a quote.