Listen, Learn and Participate

Bootcamps – £75 plus VAT per person

Custom Fit Bootcamps are a chance to listen, learn and participate in the full working approach of ‘Performance Fitting’. They are designed to get you involved and their goal is to get you implementing the action items with immediate effect back at your facility.

Bootcamps are larger in attendance (up to 50) and at a higher level than our workshops. They are a great opportunity to network with other like minded Pro’s and fitting businesses and will give you inspiration and take-away actions you can implement immediately.

Our next Bootcamp will be announced soon. If you are interested in attending, then please sign up to our waiting list and we will let you know as soon as the date is set.

Just finished “The custom fit expert” training course. absolutely fantastic. I’ve been involved in golf at the highest level for 20 years bu... Read More
Chris Liley Professional golf caddy. Preparation and course management strategist. Employee Decathlon golf Colomiers.
Chris Liley
Great Course! Immediate impact on sales revenue as a result in change of approach.
James Crawford Head Professional Waterlooville Golf Club
James Crawford
Rhys was a big help for me when we built my clubs to fit my game but also the course we were playing that specific week. Equipment is very important a... Read More
Alex Noren 
Alex Noren