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Hello there and thank you for your interest in our CUSTOM FIT TRAINING services. 

We have two online custom fit training courses detailed further down. 

Our goal is to help fitting specialists STAND OUT with a level of service and knowledge that sets them apart. These trained individuals can have a huge impact for a facilities equipment business in terms of building reputation, retaining clients, attracting new business and enjoying higher than average sales and margins.

We have flipped the normal fitting system on its head and developed an approach that STARTS with RESULTS for your clients first and foremost.  The system that gets these results is visualised in the below graphic and is called ‘Performance Fitting ™’.  

Once you successfully adopt the Performance Fitting™ approach, you will see the effect on what we call the 6 R’s visualised below. The ultimate impact will be an increase in your average sale per person and your margin. 

The important distinction to make though, is that these are ‘MEASURES‘ and NOT the ‘FOCUS‘ which has to be on your clients ‘RESULTS’. That is what the Performance Fitting™ service is all about.

Online Training Course 1

recorded online COURSE –  £597 plus vat – available now

This is our original training course. It consists of 6 x 1 hour (approx) training videos and goes over the entire process of how to create a stand out fitting business. It covers the planning and marketing aspects of your business as well as an in-depth look at your knowledge and how to create the results and experience your clients will love.  The course is broken down into the following modules:

Module 1 – Create Your Plan

Module 2 – Engage Your Audience

Module 3 – Understand Your Equipment (Build Aware)

Module 4 – Nail Your Knowledge

Module 5 – Implement Your Knowledge

Module 6 – Create Your Show

I created this course for golf facility owners and PGA Pro business owners to learn how to build an equipment business that will enhance every one of the 6 ‘R’s in the above graphic.  This a ‘top to tail’ course. It has a lot of knowledge and fitting detail and is focussed on the overall business approach we now call Performance Fitting™. If you are not looking to improve the overall business but simply want more fitting detail to help your personal sessions then take a look at ‘The Fitting Specialist – Level 1’ lower down the page.

Online Training Course 2

THE Fitting Specialist
recorded online course –  £397 plus vat – available now

Having run ‘The Custom Fit Expert’ I realised that there was a need for something more entry level and solely focussed on fitting knowledge and how to apply that knowledge. I’ve designed this course to focus on the fundamentals that you need to have to become an outstanding fitter. 

The course has been created in short(ish) videos that make it easy to digest and implement.  When I wrote the content I had the following audience in mind:

 Assistant Pro’s being asked to conduct fitting sessions by their Pro/Facility

– Newly Qualified Pro’s looking to start their custom fit service

– Golf Coaches who want to improve their fitting and equipment knowledge

– Fitting Specialists who want to adopt the Performance Fitting™ Approach

The course is made up of the following modules:

Module 1  Preparation

Module 2 Observations

Module 3 Magic Measurements

Module 4 Fitting Mastery

Module 5 Decision Making

Like building a great golf swing, this course is about getting the fundamentals right and building a base from which you can improve with every fitting you conduct. Experience cannot be fast tracked but if you have the right approach and ‘set up’ then learning from every fitting will be maximised. This course covers the basics but it applies the ‘Performance Fitting™’ structure and is full of insights that help fitters elevate their fitting service to the next level.